Is Act 2 popcorn good for health?

The pack contains no nutritional value too. 100 gm of ACT II popcorn contains 602 calories and 42 grams of fats which is a lot more than a toddler’s need. … Solution: Popcorn is very much healthy for adults and kids. But they are healthy when made freshly with real ingredients.

How do you make butter lovers popcorn?

Simply start with your popped popcorn, then pour over 6 tablespoons melted butter and sprinkle on salt. But the trick to the best movie theater butter popcorn is to do it in layers. Drizzle on a little butter, sprinkle the salt, then stir. Repeat four or five times.

How long do you put Act 2 popcorn in the microwave?

Pop for two minutes in the microwave, and enjoy the perfect balance of buttery and salty taste in every bite.

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